Advices from some Friends

I recently got sent these and felt they were worth sharing.  They come to us from New England Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and were penned by Sadie Forsyth and Ben Guaraldi, received as a report in 2006.

For folks looking to know more about the practice of Friends' Advices and Queries, check out this article and scroll down a bit to the section titles "A Way of Life: Advices and Queries."


Find in your faith things to live humbly by and to die for.
Humbly seek out that of God in the way others live and find what's deeply right in it.

Talk about your spiritual journey explicitly.  Find words for what is hard or strange.

Evangelize.  Spread the good news.

Never be absolutely sure that you are right.

Abandon your forms when they do not fulfill God's will.

Do your work.  Call others to do theirs.

Read the Bible.

Have joyful worship.  Do not always be somber.

Face your fears and your powerlessness.  Have faith.

Know who you are spiritually and trust God to know where you are going.

Deny the distractions.  Follow only God.

Love boldly.  Share deeply.

With your sins and the sins of your parents: admit them, repent them, and heal the wounds.

Forgive and forgive and forgive.