A Sketch of a Theology of Ministry

  Primarily, I intend this document to articulate my understanding of ministry in a general sense. That is, the material here addresses what I think ministry is in a functional and definitional way beyond just what I think ministry “means to me.” In attempting to be so bold as to title something “A Theology of […]

Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting (Quakers) Publically Affirms GLBTQ Marriage

This is their formal statement, discerned and minuted during their annual sessions, July 27-31, 2011. Short and sweet:   Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting Friends have been led by the Light of the Living Christ to understand that God's love extends with equality to all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The understanding that Christ […]

Wild Goose Festival Reflection

This post is part of the july synchroblog – an eclectic bunch of bloggers writing on the same topic.  This month is centered on the wild goose festival, a justice-arts-spirituality festival held the last week of june in North Carolina.  This synchroblog will include stories from the gathering as well as from those who couldn’t go, centered on […]

Advices from some Friends

I recently got sent these and felt they were worth sharing.  They come to us from New England Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends and were penned by Sadie Forsyth and Ben Guaraldi, received as a report in 2006. For folks looking to know more about the practice of Friends' Advices and Queries, […]

Communal Discernment and the Religious Society of Friends

    Related Online Resources The set of handouts I reference in the video are all put together in this PDF which we sometimes use. The reference I make to Bruce Epperly's wonderful consideration of creativity and agency is part of his paper, Infinite Freedom, Creativity, and Love: The Adventures of a Non-competitive God, specifically at […]

The Holy Spirit and Us

  Patheos blog article on the Holy Spirit. Phil Wyman's Four Square No More Blog post. The Transform Gathering East Coast page. Informational films I've made (with Kristina) about Quakerism are here. Tony Jones' post about Pentecostalism and the Emergent Church is here. Sam Laurent's profile (almost to the bottom of the page) from Drew is […]

On the Road Theopoetics

Lots of things in this one… The QUIP Quaker Writers conference was held to coincide with the release of this book (which I have a few things in). The Center for Process Studies at Claremont hosted the Theopoetics and the Divine Manifold conference , at which, most academically noteable for me (at this moment), were Catherine […]