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Von Balthasar and the Body AKA Theological Aesthetics is not Aesthetic Theology

So as part of my mid-sized project to more seriously think about aesthetics, embodiment and theology [Side Note: if you're going to SBL or AAR and these topics are of interest you might want to check this out] I've been reading from Scary, Johnson, the Frankfurt School, and now… Hans Urs von Balthasar. For those […]

Pete, his Problem, and the “Lack” of Emergent Leadership

  Once again, Bo Sanders from Homebrewed Christianity has got me going… This time it came in the form of his post "The Problem: with Peter Rollins," particularly the following bit: So when I was listening to Pete the other night make some astoundingly insightful points about televangelist and revival preachers I realized the importance of […]

Elaine Scarry’s “On Beauty and Being Just”

As part of my reading project to get more acquainted with the field of aesthetics, I read this weird little number from Elaine Scarry: On Beauty and Being Just. Cribbing from wikipedia, I know that Scarry is the Walter M. Cabot Professor of Aesthetics and the General Theory of Value at Harvard University, which means at least some […]

Aesthetics, Embodiment, Dualism, and a Reading List

  Info about Kant's Aesthetics is here and here.   My Reading List Berleant, Arnold. “Aesthetic Embodiment.” Online here. Thiessen, Gesa Elsbeth.Theological Aesthetics: A Reader Johnson, Mark.The Meaning of the Body: Aesthetics of Human Understanding. Scarry, Elaine. On Beauty and Being Just. Adorno, Theodor. Aesthetic Theory. Kehl, Medard.The Von Balthasar Reader. Oliver, Kelly. Ed. Psychoanalysis, […]

TAG Reflections

First, I'm sorry for such poor (and poorly aimed) video quality.  If it helps, just ignore the visual and listen like a podcast.  That will fix the problem and you won't have to be exposed to my ridiculously expressive eyebrows. Next: I have a more formal, written reflection about the event, here, on a spot […]

Theology After Google

    Via their website:     Why “theology after Google”? Progressive Christian theologians have some vitally important things to say, things that both the church and society desperately need to hear. The trouble is, we tend to deliver our message using technologies that date back to Gutenberg: books, academic articles, sermons, and so forth. […]

A Question: Friesen, the Internet, and Heretical Cultism

I recently received the following email and figured that since I was going to reply anyway, I might as well post about it and see if others have opinions they want to share.  Please give the questions below a read and weigh in if you have any thoughts about them.  I’d be interested for sure, […]

McLuhan, Media, and Ministers

As part of the Transforming Theology Project over at Claremont, Tripp Fuller and Phillip Clayton are teaching a class called “Theology After Google.”  Given the content of the course, Tripp has been interacting with the Twitterverse and Blogosphere as part of the course content and prep.  He recently suggested that I throw a little somethin […]

Ethics, Eschatology, and Avatar

I recently saw the film “Avatar,” prompted by lots of press and the opportunity to spend time with my family, who also wanted to see it.  Long story short?  Pretty good movie if I’m just thinking about it as a movie.  Fairly concerning if I think about it with my theologian hat on.  Why? Two […]