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  1. My husband sent me your testimony and I was moved by it – very much. My own journey has led me away from the Religious Society of Friends because I could not feel a sense of real Christian community among them, but the call early Friends' put out there to "walk the walk" and enter the kingdom in this resurrected life in Christ is what I want to share with others. It's just so scattered right now. It's hard. God bless you. 

  2. Currently, I am being drawn out of the Reformed tradition I grew up in and into the RSF. I find that the embodied belief, a belief articulated in both language and silence, in deep devotion and commitment to living Christ out in the world, compels me more than anything else. I have no desire to give up my Christian identity, whether in a Liberal congregation or not, but I find the openness and compassion of silence in worship and integrity in action wonderful. Thanks for speaking my mind better than I could.

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