Human Finitude


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Postmodernism, Culture, and Religion Conference

John Caputo

Caputo's Keynote Address at the Conference

Cyborg Philosophy

Ray Kurzweil

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6, Episode 12


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    I got a chance to listen to the audio of Caputo's lecture. Interesting that he brings up these issues of the singularity, transhumanism, etc.  These things have just been on my mind from a lecture by a guy named Dan Hughes.  You might be interested in this:
    His take is that the singularity is here – in that we are the result of a singularity that has already happened, while we are also the conditions for a future/possible singularity.  Interesting take.  
    I agree with some of your comments about immortality and whether we can really be human with death.  Dan took a question related to this and basically said he has similar concerns, but that doesn't stop him from looking to the future. His focus is on the importance of the decisions we make now shaping what the singularity of the future might look like.  
    Anyway, thanks again for sharing about the conference and your thoughts in response.  I wish I could have been there.

  2. "finitude is par for the course" — word.

    Tradition has long conflated finitude with fallenness (thanks in large part to Augustine's Neo-Platonic bent of mind/body dualism).  But Genesis 1 depicts a creation being crafted within the constrains of time, and there is no primordial struggle with evil — finitude is deemed "very good."  This is why I appreciate Caputo's interaction with Derrida, as traditional absolute assertions of self (I believe; I don't believe) denies the complexity of things.  Derrida advocated the "wordless word" and a "yes more ancient;" I think that is applicable to the biblical account.

    As far as cyborg soteriology goes, I mean.. Peter did say that we are to "hasten" the coming of eschaton, but I am not sure that means humans themselves effect a singularity..

    Totally remember that Star Trek TNG episode btw.  Good stuff.

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