Caputo’s Hyperrealism – The Caputo Cache

This post is centered around a phone interview that I did with John Caputo about the issue of hyperrealism.  Click “phone interview” to get the MP3.

The question that I open asking references his book, The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event, and is specifically about this passage.

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I compare how Caputo uses the term to the more common usage that Jean Baudrillard uses.

The “Richard” I reference in the interview is Richard Kearney of Boston College, and the book being referenced is his Anatheism, the official site of which is here, and a good (independent) engagement of which is here

A series of conversations between Caputo and Kearney are archived here from the 2007 Emergent Village Philosophical-Theological Conversation.

A series of recordings of lectures from Caputo are found here.

Tripp Fuller’s Homebrewed Christianity interview with him is here, and the recent interview I did with him is here.

Relatedly, Caputo asked that I try to promote the Call for Papers for an upcoming conference he is co-hosting around the future of philosophical thought.  He is particularly interested in younger voices being present, so lets send him a whole host of interesting things to read!

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  1. In light of your last post, I'd be interested to hear what you think of what he said.  Though I am not as familiar with him, I wonder if Gadmer's hermeneutics might offer something of a corrective to all this in a way that gives due credence to the past (the tradition, etc.). If I remember correctly Caputo is pretty hostile to that sort of an approach given his Derridean proclivities, but it strikes me that it may prove to be more congenial in some respects.  

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