Response to Wesley Menke #1

Wesley’s Blog Post (which is the inspiration for this post) is here.

My original post on McLuhan, the medium, and the message, is here.

An article about Epistemological Coherentism is here.

To learn more about the Theology After Google class which inspired most of this, click here.

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  1. I really like what you say about truth (Truth? “truth”? Colbert’s truthiness?) in this post. I, like Fox Mulder, tend to agree that truth (T/”t”) is out there, but I seriously question our ability to comprehend it with certainty. I like the idea that the enemy is the Enlightenment-based insistence on absolute certainty and faith in the human intellect. In fact, I want to reject the whole “know”ing-game. It seems to me—as I believe you mentioned to at least a certain extent on this blog—that this real truth (if such a thing exists, and if it can be labelled “real) is something more along the lines of an event, to borrow a phrase from Caputo. This doesn’t mean I don’t have beliefs, which in essences are concepts that I believe to be absolutely true. Instead, it simply leads me to believe that my conceptions of God are not God and that God simply cannot be confined to the certainty of my beliefs, my thoughts, or my fancy theological words.

    Keep up the good work, friend.

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